Top 5 Restaurants to eat at Disneyland Paris!

I am going to share with you my personal top 5 favourite places to eat at Disneyland Paris and give you a small review about all of them. My favourite places might be slightly different to yours, as like most people I haven’t yet visited every single restaurant. Let me know if these are your favourite places to go, or if you have any suggestions to go to which I could try out the next time I go to the parks.

  1. My most favourite place to go must be Inventions in the Disneyland hotel. It is an all you can eat 5 star buffet with lots to choose from and if you like sea food like myself, its just amazing. It has giant shrimps, salmon, craps claws and much more and this is just in the starter part. The mains were great too but the deserts must have been one of my favourite parts of the buffet, there were many different cakes, sweets and puddings. They even have Disney lollypops, my tip is to get to them quick if your wanting them because they disappear quick and don’t always refill that part because people take advantage of it and take them away with them. The best part of all though is that its a character restaurant, so whilst eating you get to meet many characters.
  2. My second favourite place to go is Billy Bobs in Disney Village and yet again it is another buffet. But it is more of a “Tex mex” kind of one. And the ribs from their are just to die for. The puddings are good too as their wasn’t just sweet deserts, there is also a cheese selection to choose from. Also there is a separate table at the end of the buffet which had load of wrapped toffee sweets and a bowl full of those strawberry goofy sweets, so make the most of it!
  3. The next place must be Annette’s Diner. Everything off the menu is gigantic and it is American style. I still find it so cool that some of the waiters/waitresses still go around in their roller blades. I don’t think they do that anymore now but there was a time where at points in the nights the waitresses would skate around and dance on the tables when the songs came on, but I think health and safety regulations have stopped this now.
  4. My 4th favourite place to go must be Mickeys Café, which sadly they are going to be changing some point this year. This is also a character restaurant and if it wasn’t for that it probably wouldn’t be in my top 5 favourite places to go, mainly because they are rather slow in serving you, the last time I went with my family we were their for over 3 hours. But the food is rather good and you don’t feel completely stuffed after you leave, but you get more than enough food. Also the Mickey Mouse cupcakes are soo cute.
  5. Number 5 would have to be rainforest café, the atmosphere their is amazing and at some points you really feel like you are in a rainforest. The restaurant has dimmed lights and I believe its every half hour or so their is a thunder storm with flashes of light and loud sounds. They also have a gigantic fish tank which covers the whole length of the restaurant.

That Disney Blues feeling…

SARA - Facebook-20170824-095642I cant believe it has nearly been a year since the last time I went to Disneyland Paris. I went in October last year for the Halloween season and I was so lucky to spend Halloween night at the parks :).

Today I spent sometime looking through the photos from Disneyland and I did go into a little Disney blues feeling. It feels like it was only last month I went to Disneyland, but at the same time it also feels like it was years ago. (Am I the only person who feels this way sometimes… or can anyone relate to this feeling?)


Thought I would share with you one of my great memories from my tip in 2016!!

SARA - Facebook-20170824-095442

This was probably one of my favourite meet and greets from my whole trip and it was with the one and only Donald Duck! We met him during the extra magic hours in the parks, as soon as we entered the main park we went straight up to his meet and greet area and only had to wait 5 minutes, whereas if we were to meet him in the afternoon the line was almost an hour long, possibly longer at some points. Anyway the interaction I had with Donald was just brilliant. I was wearing my Donald Duck vans at the time and he noticed them straight away and was really excited about it. He didn’t like the fact that I had a Mickey Mouse top on though which I found really funny.



First blog post!

Hello, thought I should start with my first post telling you about what my blog is going to be for and a little bit about me, so here it goes!!
My name is Sara and I am wanting this blog to mainly be about Disney. I have a Instagram account which is xdisney.all.year.roundx and if you have Instagram you should totally check it out if you haven’t already. I like to collect Disney items and I do many DIY’s so I would love to share them with you.

I have been to Disneyland Paris many times and I’m going back in November this year and hope later on to go to Disneyworld some time, so I would also love to share my experiences and Journeys with everyone as well.

Possibly as time goes on I will blog a little bit about myself and what happens in my day-to-day life. I know I would have lots to talk about as my life is rather full and has a lot going on in it. Maybe some people will find it interesting, but I’m not sure.